How can I ship goods or belongings through PSCCHC?

Larger or commercial shipments: Find the country you are shipping to/from and determine which shipping lines serve that country, and contact their agents directly. Personal belongings: It is best to employ a freight forwarder to act as your agent and find you the best deal for ocean/road/rail transport. 


Where is my container?

Contact your agent or freight forwarder for the status of your shipment. If you are still unable to obtain this information, the terminal may be able to help you if your shipment has arrived in port. If you know the name of the ship and your container's identification number, and the ship is in port, the shipping line's agent may be able to help you. 


Where can I find arrival and departure dates for ships at PSCCHC?                

The client can find arrival and departure dates in seaway bill of lading and check with local agent or freight forwarder Or contact our control department in the terminal for any information about his shipment



Is the cost of shipping will be repeated for each product?

The value of the shipping vary from one site to another, and from the repetition of the value of the shipping policy of the site to another, according to real cost, followed by original site. Some sites are shipped all products with a value of fixed and some other products shipped by weight


Are there any restrictions on the type of products that I want to buy it?

Yes, we do not accept any product violates the Islamic Sharia and does not accept any Product weight very high standard such as a bed or a large size as well as to that we do not accept the possibility of charging perfumes and gravity smoldered on shipping companies


What happens in case of the presence of errors in enter the price of the product?

The price the entrance by the customer must be in case the dollar value of the product less than or higher than the actual value of this will it affect on all practical steps pricing which we must cancel request


What are the payment methods available to you?

Please see page on ways to pay located in support page and assistance


Can postpone payment until the connection?

We apologize for this, but must be paid in full the value of the request to the implementation of the request.


What happens if my request for a delay in the time limit?

God willing, will not be late for the period specified but in situations beyond our control such as bad weather or unrest in the state or in the shipping delays from customs will be the client compensation after estimating the amount of damage


 Do you will be connected to my request to the cities and the villages?

All cities of the kingdom can be charging for it, but to see the possibility of shipping of villages and hamlets please contact customer service to make sure the possibility of shipping