On the basis of the importance of the process of transit cargo and has great influence on the course of the economy and economic process. We have taken on development of this area. The birth of Al-Naimi Group in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


company was founded Al-Naimi Group. efforts under the auspices of the many highly qualified, and started to practice their activity in Jeddah after the company was granted a license to legally transport specialized international transit customs clearance.


The company has exercised all services and activities of this area, as well as to provide services packaging, storage, customs clearance and insurance of the goods.

Al-Naimi Group specialized expertise and competencies in the area of international shipping with a view to achieving the goal of the customer in the process of shipping, service, and security, speed, and price competition. It is in constant evolution, both at the global and local levels.

Al-Naimi Group work harmony within a network of international and local shipping agents professionals covering all parts of the world, and this network grow day by day and increase of their services to meet all your needs of international shipping services.

Meet Our Team

  • Yosf Alnami - General Manager

General Manager.